Bringing a Startup to the U.S.

New York – The biggest difference between business in the US and Germany? According to two German startup founders, it’s not tax laws, investment models or mindsets. It’s small talk. Johanna Joch, General Manager for Speechagain, a speech-therapy web-based platform, moved to New York to bring the program to the US market. Communication differences were the […]

Social Media Versus Reality

We’ve all heard the saying “be kind, for everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. In terms of stuttering awareness, do you ever see someone stuttering on social media? I’m going to guess your answer is “no”. But let me ask you this…have you ever met someone in real life who stutters, or […]

Stuttering Therapy Meets Digitalization

New York
Today, stuttering affects more than 80 million people worldwide – regardless of language, geography, or ethnicity. In the U.S., almost 4 million people are deeply affected by this huge impediment to conversation. Blockages and interruptions can occur in every communication experience and the avoidance of social settings is an often-observed consequence. Therapy sessions cost between […]

1 in 20

Children love to talk our ears off, most of the time asking “why” to everything and anything we say. It can be difficult as a parent to notice a difference in your child’s speech, maybe a slight stutter when they are excited? Or when they are trying to tell you about what they learned in school? […]