Platform Overview

Personalized homepage to keep track of your training, statistics, and progress.
Learning Path
A proven progression of content and exercises to achieve fluency.
Voice Curve
Visualize your voice as it moves
through the exercises.
Real-life scenarios help bridge the gap between training and the real world.


edge program
Our learning path leads you through
training, while focusing on your
personal goals.
Created by speech language
pathologists and based on the highest
scientific standards available.
Unlimited access
This effective training is made to fit
within your personal schedule anytime,
While using speech recognition and
artificial intelligence, our technology
accelerates your speech training.

Meet our therapists

With the help of a specialized therapist, you can use Speechagain even more efficiently and improve your speech control. We have compiled a selection of licensed speech therapists, who are all happy to support you.
Utah State Licensed
California State Licensed
New York State Licensed

Choose innovative training

Stuttering program that’s<br />
tailored to your needs

Stuttering program that’s
tailored to your needs

With over 630 exercises and individualized feedback, everyone can make Speechagain their personal tool. All you need is your voice to see motivating results.

Your online training made<br />
easy with artificial intelligence

Your online training made
easy with artificial intelligence

Our algorithms adapt to your individual progress and suggest complete, smart training plans made just for you.

Speechagain's dashboard<br />
is your personal coach

Speechagain's dashboard
is your personal coach

Your fluency coach is here to motivate and challenge you. Based on your past performance, we will suggest new challenges every day – ensuring that you continually get better at controlling your stutter.

Gain the skills<br />
to speak freely

Gain the skills
to speak freely

Speechagain helps you to focus on your individual speaking goals. Real-life situations bridge the gap from training to the outside world.

Your training at a glance

Learn: Motor Speech Training (1 Month)
Increase your speech control using a
new speech pattern including gentle
onsets and continuous phonation.
Practice: Reinforcement (1 Month)
Refine your smooth and bound
speech techniques. Your new skills
will become muscle memory.
Carryover: Generalize into
everyday life (1-2 Months)
Transfer your new skills to everyday life
situations such as using your phone, giving
presentations and introducing yourself.
Reinforce: Stabilize
your skills (1-3 Months)
Revise and extend your personal goals.
Maintain: Enhance your
outcomes (ongoing)
Safeguard your progress with
just 5-7 minutes a day.

Getting started with
Speechagain is easy

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