Speech Impedi-whaaat?

“Communication disorder” is the blanket term for a variety of speech and language impairments. While there are many names for these types of disorders, they all cover the same general diagnoses. So, how much do you know about speech impediments, impairments, and disorders? Keep reading to find out!  What is it?   Great question! “Speech impediment” may sound like a daunting term, but don’t be intimidated! Let’s break it down. An impediment, similar to an impairment, is […]

What “Kind” of Stutterer Are You Quiz

Do you stutter? Cool! Each person who stutters is unique and chooses to embody this characteristic in many ways. Chances are, you’ve probably taken personality quizzes such as “what Harry Potter character are you?” or “Which Office character are you?”.  Wondering “which kind of stutterer” you are? Keep reading to see which one fits with your lifestyle.   Side Note *** In reality, everyone has a little of […]

How to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

In the age of social distancing, we are all trying to virtually stay connected and keep ourselves on track. We’re quarantined at our own homes but staying in touch with others and ourselves is more important than ever. If you’re looking for a little inspiration on how to “stay on track,” with your goals and daily routines, check out our tips.

Roundtable Discussion Community Event

New York,
We were incredibly proud to host a roundtable discussion for any and every member of our community, including people who stutter, SLPs who care about us, and our friends & family.