An interview with Keenan Tully, Nascar hopeful

Norfolk, England ,
Every person who stutters has a unique story. One that embodies their own individual struggles, and successes. Recently, we were fortunate enough to connect with Keenan Tully, a 21-year-old race car driver who proves that having a stutter doesn’t need to stop you from pursuing your dreams.   Keenan’s Story Keenan first noticed his stutter when […]


New York, New York ,
Today’s world orbits around a technological center. We buy our groceries online, interview for jobs via video chat, and learn language behind a screen.  Even before COVID-19, our world was slowly but surely uploading to an online base. With all the ways we now “live online” it’s no surprise that the healthcare system is transitioning too.   So, what is digital […]

Speechagain Hosts Live Chat with ASHA

New York, New York,
Speechagain was honored to host a Live Chat event with ASHA, discussing all things stuttering, as well as the Speechagain program. Speech Pathologists recently made a quick transition from treating stuttering in-person, to now virtual. Managing this abrupt change can be challenging. Some questions SLPs had were: Where do you find new online speech resources? […]

An interview with Delton Harper

New York, New York ,
Delton Harper is a charismatic husband from Texas who enjoys reading, writing, and music. Oh…and he’s a person who stutters! Recently, we’ve had the chance to chat with Delton (virtually of course) to learn about his experience as a person who stutters.   Delton noted that his first experience with stuttering wasn’t until he began school. He had never known the term […]