What do we believe in

Our vision
The goal is to provide you with the world’s
best stuttering program and improve the
lives of all people who stutter.
Our mission
We’re empowering people to build
confidence in the way that they talk. Our
approach benefits both people who
stutter and the SLPs that work with them.
Our promises
We constantly check-in to earn your trust
with a modern, user-centric, high quality,
and honest product!
Our values
We are passionate about our product and
love what we do. As a team, we enjoy to
create and be creative together.



Being a person who stutters, Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg was always focused on improving his speech.

After 20 years of trying different therapies, he founded the Kassel Stuttering Institute, empowering others to control their speech and conquer their fears.


The methods and evidence-based results from the Kassel Stuttering Institute study of 2017 formed the foundation for Speechagain. The research proved that teletherapy for speech services is equally as effective as in-person therapy in regard to stuttering.


At the German startup night in New York City, we took home the best pitch award for the most promising and innovative startup.


Speechagain began to partner with universities in multiple states! This allowed the team to conduct beta-tests with SLPs, their clients, and even stuttering clinics.


Speechagain is live! We have officially launched our product in the US!


Speechagain welcomes an international healthcare-focused group of investors to accelerate growth and bring new opportunities.


Speechagain refines the product for speech language pathologists and people who stutter. The team continues to grow.


Speechagain for youngsters? Hear what Josh, a person who stutters, thinks of our plans to add a more „youthful“ touch to Speechagain to make it more attractive to schools and children alike.


Speechagain in multiple languages. We are working on a German, French and Spanish version to bring Speechagain to Europe.

Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Blomgren
Professor Michael Blomgren is the Chair of the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at the University of Utah. He also is the executive director of the U of U Intensive Stuttering Clinic. His research includes evaluating speech motor control in stuttering and nonstuttering speakers and evaluating stuttering treatment outcomes.
Lothar Guske
Managing Partner in European Healthcare and Pharma Industry
Lothar Guske has been a prominent member of the pharmaceutical industry since 1985, developing and gaining a variety of experiences in the markets of sales, marketing, start-ups, and personalized medicine. He has held roles as the Head of Sales, Head of Marketing and Sales, Managing Director, and Vice President. His interests include up-and-coming technology and mentoring in his field.
Jordan Zaslav
Media and technology executive
Jordan Zaslav has spent his career working across content and technology businesses. He is currently a Senior Director, leading Strategy at Axios, a Washington D.C. based media company. Prior to Axios he worked at Twitter and J.P. Morgan. Jordan holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and an undergraduate degree in Computer Science from Duke University.