An Interview with Naomi Ogoke, The Stutter Girl

New York, New York

Naomi Ogoke is a young adult with a stutter, better known for her social media presence as “The Stutter Girl”. Since September of 2020, she has been inspiring people who stutter all over the world to speak up and share their stories. Through her online community, she shares tips and experiences to bring awareness to the world of stuttering.  

For the longest time, Naomi never even noticed her stutter. She recalls similarities between the way she spoke and the way her father spoke but had never put a label on it. Although she never attended speech therapy, she found her voice through the creation of her very own platform, The Stutter Girl.  

The Stutter Girl

When the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Naomi found herself on social media more than ever. She started to notice a surge in online communities being created in order to replicate a sense of normalcy. This inspired her to create her own platform where people like herself could have a voice. She then decided to create her own space where she could share her vulnerabilities and connect with others despite physical boundaries.  

The Stutter Girl is global. While the account originated in Nigeria, Naomi has found ways to connect with people across the world, including our very own U.S team at Speechagain. With a virtual community, the possibilities are endless. Naomi hopes that The Stutter Girl can continue to increase awareness and most importantly, help people who stutter speak with confidence. She noted that the reactions from creating this community have been amazing and have allowed her to meet so many people just like herself. 

So, what inspires Naomi to create her content?

The Stutter Girl is based on experiences and research. As a person who stutters, Naomi is able to contribute her own story in order to personalize the platform. Additionally, through the many people she meets, she is able to add the unique perspectives of each person who stutters.  

Although Naomi’s relationship with her stutter has fluctuated, she has found the strength to embrace her doubts and share her story. In doing this, she inspires her hundreds of followers.  

“What you want to say is worth hearing”. 

This is a piece of advice Naomi chooses to emphasize on her channel. In order to instill confidence in others, she wants her followers to know and truly believe that their voice matters 

Thank you, Naomi and the Stutter Girl for embracing individuals who stutter, and providing a safe and supportive space.