Be more relaxed,
confident, and free

To be able to speak and have a conversation is a beautiful gift of life for the majority of people. We believe everyone should be able to share the same joy…Speechagain empowers people who stutter.

You can do it

Choose innovative training
Stuttering program that's tailored to your needs
With over 630 exercises and more than 1000 automatically generated training combinations, everyone can make Speechagain their personal tool. All you need is your voice, a compatible device, and 30-60 minutes daily to see motivating results.

Start smart
Your online training made easy with artificial intelligence
The Speechagain algorithms are here to make your life easier. They adapt to your individual progress and results to then suggest complete, smart training plans made just for you. This gives you the chance to really focus on yourself and on improving your fluency.

Make progress
Speechagain’s dashboard is your personal coach
Your fluency coach is here to motivate and challenge you. Based on your past performance, we will suggest new challenges every day - ensuring that you continually get better at controlling your stutter.

Experience positive results
We are here to help you reach your individual goals
On top of a variety of lessons to boost your learning curve, you can also set your individual speaking goals. Nothing is more motivating than real, positive experiences. With Speechagain, you will not loose sight of your purpose while working towards success.

No matter how busy your schedule is,
Speechagain’s program will make it work

Your path to success

As with anything you want to master, you need to invest time in practicing. Give yourself enough time to learn Speechagain's theory and voice curve, while getting the hang of this new, fluent speech method.
We will slowly guide you towards using this new technique in a comfortable setting. Gain control of your speech with fun games and small tasks. Don't worry - you will always have the software to continually practice with.
As you become more confident, you will apply your new way of speaking to real life situations - from easy to more challenging. We suggest you give yourself about a year. You will have these skills for a lifetime - and we will always be here to support you. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Choose your subscription

1 month
$ 99 /month
3 months
$ 79 /month
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12 months
$ 59 /month
save 40%

"I am impressed by Speechagain's design and their new way of bringing technology and speech together."
"I consider myself a confident person. But I noticed that when I was at parties I didn’t engage in conversations - I was holding back."
“I realized I needed to take charge when my 10-minute presentation turned into 75 minutes because of my stuttering.”
"Even when I am traveling, I can use Speechagain anytime."


Roundtable Discussion Community Event

New York, Feburary 2020 – We're proud to host a roundtable discussion for any and every member of our community. That includes people who stutter, SLPs who care about us, and our friends & family. Why should you join our discussion? Because you’ll learn from people who have had profound experiences in this community. Very importantly, we’ll learn from you too!


Speechagain Secures New Funding

New York, November 2019 - Speechagain, a digital based stuttering tool, announces the close of the series A round of funding from private investors. An international investor group from the United States, Germany, and Switzerland has now joined the Speechagain community.


2019 ASHA Convention

Orlando, November 2019 - Four members of our Speechagain team will be hosting our booth at the 2019 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention. We are very excited to be attending an incredibly inspiring event, meeting and collaborating with speech-language pathologists from all over the nation. The ASHA Convention is an annual professional education event for speech-language pathologists, audiologists, and speech, language, and hearing scientists.



The SLP Guide to Speechagain

Planning therapy sessions during your breaks? We’ve got you covered! Speechagain takes the guessing and planning out of your day when treating clients who stutter. Let this be your go-to guide for all things Speechagain. We’ve broken it down into steps to make it more manageable so you can focus on what’s really important here: empowering your client!


Did you Know?

We love to share fun facts, and of course, facts about stuttering are our favorite! Did you know that people who stutter are usually fluent when speaking in chorus with others, whispering, or even signing? We touched on this phenomenon during our blog post about movie stars who stutter, stating that some of them found singing or acting to be their own form of “stuttering therapy”. Sooo...why does this happen?


Stars....They’re Just Like Us!

As Halloween approaches, we find ourselves looking to the stars for costume inspiration. But why not look at some stars who have actually inspired the stuttering community? Emily Blunt – The “go-to” name when we think of a celebrity who stutters. Her path for stuttering therapy was interesting, as her speech therapist actually recommended her to try different accents to decrease her stutter. That therapy technique has now made her who she is today!