The SLP Guide to Speechagain

Planning therapy sessions during your breaks?

We’ve got you covered! Speechagain takes the guessing and planning out of your day when treating clients who stutter. Let this be your go-to guide for all things Speechagain. We’ve broken it down into steps to make it more manageable so you can focus on what’s really important here: empowering your client!


After visiting our website,, click the “speech therapist” tab on the top right-hand corner of the homepage. This will direct you to a page specifically for SLPs wanting to learn more about Speechagain and create their accounts.
Simply click “join today” when ready! Unsure? No worries. Speechagain is completely FREE for SLPs! Your account will not cost you a dime!


After you click to join the SLP Speechagain community, you’ll be immeidately prompted to attend an onboarding session with one of our team members.
Schedule your onboarding session during a time that works for you, as our team is flexible!
This onboarding provides you with account information and demonstration on how Speechagain works and how to use it during therapy with clients who stutter.


First go to your homepage. On the right-hand side of your screen under “overview” you will see a gray arrow icon.
Click this icon to invite your client to connect with your personal therapist code, something you will receive after your account is active.
After their email is given, they will then be prompted to register and activate their own account, which will be connected to yours. You can then access theirs, but they can never see yours.


Rest easy knowing the stuttering therapy you provide is effective, evidence-based, and efficient!
Assign training exercises for your client to complete at home, enhancing carry-over of skills.
Keep track of your client’s data to see where exactly the breakdowns are occurring, and listen to recordings with him/her to work through this together.

Want to become a Speechagain SLP? Feel free to join through our website or reach out to us personally at:

We can’t wait to hear from you!