An Interview with Kitch, East London Rapper

The stuttering community is full of wonderfully unique individuals, all with their own story and relationship to their stutter. We were lucky enough to speak with Kitch, a rapper from East London to learn about how both his music and his stutter have impacted the person he is today.  

Finding Music:

As a longtime music lover, Kitch recalled how he used to constantly rap along to his favorite songs growing up. Although he was incredibly passionate, he notes this time as a “false dream”, feeling that his stutter would stop him from pursuing music seriously. When a tough time in his life led to his removal from school, Kitch turned to music as his savior. He spent countless hours writing, practicing and recording rhymes, with the thought that no one would ever hear them. Little did he know that this would become a major turning point in his journey as a musician and a person who stutters. As he practiced, he noticed a decrease in the frequency of his stutter.  “If it was memorized and on the beat, I would use the rhythm to help me through it”. His innovative technique improved his fluency as well as his confidence.  

Becoming an Advocate:

Kitch’s relationship with his stutter developed drastically. What was once a shy young boy who hesitated to answer questions in the classroom was now a prominent advocate in the stuttering community. Kitch used his platform to inspire others to conquer their insecurities, whatever they may be. He spent time traveling to schoolsspeaking at assemblies, and giving workshops. He describes this experience as huge shock because public speaking was once a trigger for his anxietyHe realized that he could make a difference for children regardless of whether they had a speech impediment. “Even students who don’t have a stammer but might have something else that’s holding them back have been able to use me as an “underdog”. It’s not only about the stammer, it’s more than that. It’s about the drive, and the motivation, and I feel as if it really has made a difference.” 

We were inspired by Kitch’s words and we’re sure you are too. Music became a therapeutic form of self-expression that helped him conquer his fears and achieve his goals. He emphasized the importance of dedication and hard work as he knows firsthand how difficult it can be.  In addition to his interview, Kitch will also be a speaker at our next roundtable event on August 27th from 6-7:30 EST. We feel honored to hear his story and hope to continue working together to raise awareness for the stuttering community.  

Make sure to check out some of his music to see how Kitch is leaving his mark on the world!