Speechagain X Harrison Craig Announce Partnership

New York (USA), Berlin (Germany), Melbourne (Australia)

New Speech Training Tool Launched – Can Help Millions Suffering From Stuttering Disorder. Platinum Selling Performer HARRISON CRAIG as the Face of Multinational Campaign.


According to The Stuttering Foundation, more than 70 million people worldwide (over 3.8 million in the US) stutter. Speechagain Inc. has introduced a patented and evidence-based online stuttering training program called Speechagain.

The online training tool is based on a patented technology using artificial intelligence, speech recognition patterns, and clinically proven techniques for voice control. The software, which has been the brainchild of doctors and speech-language pathologists with more than 25 years of experience, is positioned in the highest levels of scientific standards in speech therapy. The launch campaign (which is both on social media and US TV channels such as, e.g., CNN, CNBC, Discovery, FNC, and NBC) features global recording artist from Australia, Harrison Craig. Craig, who previously won The Voice and has battled with a stuttering condition for most of his life, has also recently published a children’s book on this topic and continues to work to inspire people of all backgrounds to be able to overcome their own challenges.


‘I’ve always wanted to have the smooth sound of speech – almost every person suffering from a stuttering condition wants a way to be able to progress their therapy and live a normal life – with Speechagain you really have a way of empowering yourself on this journey with a practical and flexible tool to be able to help overcome your stuttering challenges and live your dream”. Harrison Craig (Platinum Selling Artist, Performer, Children’s Book Author).


“Until now, speech disorders have been treated by attending frequent visits to a speech-language pathologist. Now, people who stutter have unlimited access to training sessions that fit within their personal schedules anytime, anywhere. This allows for training at home due to restrictions, such as the current Covid-19 crisis.” said Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, Founder of Speechagain.


Speechagain is HIPAA compliant, user friendly, and has features that include:


Learning Path: A proven progression of content and exercises to help achieve fluency while speaking.

Voice Curve: The tool analyzes your voice as it moves through the exercises and provides a real-time visualization, as well as feedback.

Situations: Real-life scenarios help bridge the gap between training and everyday life.

Also included is a personalized dashboard that helps users keep track of trainings, statistics, and progress.


About Speechagain Inc.


Speechagain Inc. is a technology company originally founded in Germany and headquartered in New York that is making a name for itself in the healthcare market. The team is pioneering the way for online speech training and providing a digital stuttering training tool based on patented artificial intelligence. The software has been created by doctors and speech-language pathologists with more than 25 years of experience. The training tool is HIPAA compliant, user friendly, and fulfills the highest scientific standards.


All media requests can be directed to press@speechagain.com