Roundtable Community Event

New York

We were incredibly proud to host our next roundtable discussion for any and every member of our community, including people who stutter, SLPs who care about us, and our friends & family.

What was the discussion about? Our listeners and viewers had the chance to learn from people who have had profound experiences in this community. Very importantly, we had the chance to learn from you too! A roundtable discussion means that anyone and everyone have the opportunity to speak. Or not, that’s always completely up to you.

Fantastic people who stutter lead our discussions. A bit about our discussion leaders:

The first speaker, Noah Waters is a person who stutters and future SLP. He’s currently earning his degree from the University of Kentucky and has years of experience with SAY (Stuttering Association for the Young) as both a camper and counselor.

Our second speaker, Kitch, is a rapper and person who stutters from East London. His advocacy in the stuttering community has inspired students and shown the world that speech impediments do not define who you are. Through his music, he has found the confidence to achieve his goals and conquer his fears.

Both speakers will be sharing their own personal stories and offering unique insights that are valuable to both people who stutter and speech-language pathologists.

It’s incredible building up our community together and we plan to have many more events like this one in the future.

For information on upcoming events, please email us at