Germany’s leading stuttering therapy is made available worldwide


Berlin – The digital stuttering therapy Speechagain successfully finished a 600.000 EUR crowdfunding campaign in cooperation with the GLS Crowd. The investment in Speechagain will be used to further develop the cloud-based solution and to launch the product in the US market.

‘There are around 800,000 people who stutter in Germany, worldwide even 85 million people are affected. Regardless of cultural and linguistic area, those affected live through the same painful experiences everywhere: They are often not taken seriously, laughed at and excluded from society. My colleagues and I developed the Kassel Stutter Therapy (KST), which today is one of the most successful forms of treatment worldwide. With the digital therapy Speechagain people all over the world get access to stuttering therapy for the first time’, as Dr. med. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg, Chief Medical Officer of Speechagain points out.

The GLS Crowd enables investors to finance sustainable projects and to profit from entrepreneurial success. In the case of Speechagain, the crowdfunding enables the US launch and thereby product, marketing and sales efforts. The product itself is comprised of interactive exercises, combined with theoretical knowledge transfer that give access to information previously solely provided by therapists. A reward system ensures motivation along the individual learning path. Practice sequences of everyday situations prepare the user for potentially difficult in-person communications.

The Digithep GmbH will offer Speechagain at an attractive price in the US. There are around 3.8 million people who stutter and who often do not have sufficient and above all affordable access to stuttering treatment. A successful market entry in the US will be followed by mainly English-speaking countries before expanding to other markets. In addition, Digithep GmbH will provide 1,000 free Speechagain licenses for people in need in emerging countries within 24 months after completion of the therapy software.


About Speechagain:

Speechagain is a cloud-based digital stuttering therapy that treats people who stutter with artificial intelligence and speech recognition analysis based on the highest scientific standards of the S3 guidelines. The therapy’s scientific foundation was established by Dr. Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg with his hybrid method at the Kassel Stuttering institute. Since its founding in 1996 the precursors of Speechagain as part of the Kassel Stuttering Therapy could successfully treat more than 3,000 people affected. The long-term success rate amounts to more than 75% and thereby Kassel earned its reputation as Europe’s leading institute for stutter therapy.

Speechagain is a product of Digithep, a joint venture of Kassel Stuttering Therapy and Berlin-based company builder Digital Health Factory (DHF). KST is one of the world’s leading providers in stuttering treatment and the largest institution in Germany. DHF founds and identifies medically advisable and technically feasible innovations focusing on the healthcare industry.