Did you Know?

We love to share fun facts, and of course, facts about stuttering are our favorite! Did you know that people who stutter are usually fluent when speaking in chorus with others, whispering, or even signing? We touched on this phenomenon during our blog post about movie stars who stutter, stating that some of them found singing or acting to be their own form of “stuttering therapy”. Sooo…why does this happen?

Well, this is what we know:

Our brains work differently while singing.
When singing and acting, there’s no wondering what to say next. Your words/lyrics are already pre-planned for you, taking the pressure off.
Acting/singing is a different type of communication. Again, the pressure is off because you aren’t being required to share personal information.
These different forms of communication have given some people a voice that they never thought was possible….a truly amazing phenomenon!
As you can see, singing and acting simply removes the “planning” part of communication, allowing the individual to speak with ease, knowing exactly what to say. Now, of course, no one knows exactly what to say in everyday conversation, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that the ways our brains work aresimply miraculous. Research is still out to observe exactly what happens in our brain while singing/acting, leading us closer to understanding the brain waves of stuttering. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to get up on stage, you may just surprise yourself! Stay tuned for more fun facts about stuttering! We hope you learned something new!