4 Ways to Support the Stuttering Community

Over 70 million people worldwide stutter. Learning this statistic makes us eager to support those who stutter and there is no better time like the present! Check out these easy (and fun!) ways you can give back, too: 


Look Locally

Although we’re based in NYC, there are local stuttering events nationwide! A quick google search can lead you to local organizations that you can connect with for support, counseling, monthly meetings, and attend events. So, what we’re saying is… all you have to do is look! Here’s an example of some upcoming events in the NYC area: 

  • Workshop for Parents of Young Children Who Stutter | American Institute for Stuttering 
  • AIS Speaker Series | American Institute for Stuttering 
  • Red Carpet My Beautiful Stutter | Loew’s Jersey Theatre 


Inside Instagram

Many stuttering organizations, along with stuttering advocates, share information through Instagram! We personally have connected with so many amazing speech-language pathologists, as well as people who stutter, through the Instagram platform. Simply type #stuttering in the discover tab, and you’re on your way to making new connections.  


Volunteer your Time

Help the stuttering community by volunteering at one of your favorite organizations or events. There are usually multiple ways you can help, examples include: distributing pamphlets to local medical offices to spread awareness, assisting at a race/walk fundraiser, hanging posters around your area, and volunteering at annual conferences dedicated to the stuttering community. Check your local organization’s website for more volunteer opportunities! 



You can always help the stuttering community by donating your time and/or money. One organization even accepts donations of used vehicles! If you can’t participate in any of the events or programs within the stuttering community but still want to help, donating money is always welcomed. Any stuttering organization will accept donations of all shapes and sizes. It also helps if you check with your place of employment, as many companies will “match” your donation to a good cause. We know everyone is busy, as we are also, but even small efforts go a long way! Let’s give back and do good!