Discover what
fuels your

A training method
tailored towards you

Cutting edge program
Our customized program will lead you through the voice curve, breathing and voice exercises, and your situation board, all while focusing on your personal goals.
Scientifically proven
Speechagain is based on the highest scientific standards available. You will learn smooth and bound speech to enhance your fluency.
Unlimited access
We provide you with the tools to gain control of your speech. This effective training is made to fit within your personal schedule.

An innovative approach
you can trust

The Speechagain method relies heavily on our unique technical background. Feedback reliability that is comparable with a real speech therapist needs a state-of-the-art technical solution. We made this possible with our in-house genius, Dr.-Ing. Florian Hönig. Florian is a renowned expert in the field of speech pattern recognition, completing years of research regarding this topic.

The result is a system that can give you advanced real-time feedback for a human-resembling experience. This makes Speechagain the word’s first solely online stuttering program with a quality standard you can trust.
Dr.-Ing. Florian Hönig
Speech Analysis Engineer
Expert in automated speech analysis and machine learning with a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

This is how Speechagain's
technology works

speechagain's technology

Some technical facts

Patented technology
The technology behind Speechagain is an innovative classification system consisting of more than 3,500 sound files.
AI-powered speech recognition
Our feedback algorithms are based on more than 3 million hours of automatically rated speech recordings.
Automatic real-time feedback
The voice curve analyzes over 900 parameters and aspects of your gentle onset, volume, overall voice quality, and melody, all while our technology is optimizing your pronunciation feedback.

Your training
at a glance

Learn our speech method

Master the method
Each chapter contains over 630 items, all available for your voice curve training. You will learn smooth and bound speech starting with the vowels. As you advance through the training, we will introduce consonants, words, and sentences.
Get to know your speech tools
You will explore your breathing, voice, pronunciation, and auditory perception skills through 14 interactive exercises.
Investigate your stutter
Together we will dive into the facts of stuttering while finding out more about yourself and your own stutter. Learning about your own stutter is the key to overcoming your challenges.

Practice makes perfect

Enhance your confidence

With over 100 sentences in video dialogues, you will gain the necessary skills to handle those spontaneous social situations with confidence.
Let the games begin

What easier way is there than to start talking to others while playing a game? Multiple communication games will show you that speaking can be fun!

Use your new skills in real life

Join the conversation
All the work you put in so far is about to pay off. Think of this as your personal coach: We provide you with a variety of preset speaking situations and unlimited space to add your own personal challenges. Your Situation Board will guide and prepare you to tackle every situation step-by-step.